Breeding Program

Continuing the legacy of our prestigious breed is something we feel very strong about. With our boutique breeding program, every year we bring different bloodlines to our broodmares to provide a vast selection heritage to our foals.

Not only do we breed and sell our prospects, we also offer year round professional broodmare care. Hathaway is able to assist with services for all aspects of breeding. We are equipped and willing to help with foaling and foal care by using Foalert and surveillance cameras in foaling stalls.  This enables us to continually monitor mare and baby activity through the night.  We are proud to offer private broodmare turnout to grass or limestone pastures.

We strive to offer the best care for your mare and foal while being affordable. All horse owners would love to see their mares enjoying lush pastures with their foals awkwardly learning how to use their legs beside them. Hathaway Farm LLC provides this opportunity.